In today’s digital age, almost everyone has an access to the computer and the world wide web. An individual can be a passive observer or reader of what is going on in the local and global stage. While some, take the liberty to participate in different cyber activities. There are people who would like to express themselves and share their thoughts and opinions on social media. There are those who engage in social or business interests. But with the extent of the users and information available on the internet, we cannot discard the fact that there are those people who go out of line and use this information for their personal interests or even as far as evil motives.

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There are numerous offenses and crimes happening in the realm of the world wide web. Digital media refers to the texts, videos, audio recordings, and photos uploaded and shared on the internet. Some individuals or groups intentionally spread malware or malicious software to unassuming computer owners. This would cause damage to their files and hardware. There are also concerns over cybersecurity and cases of invasion of privacy. An example is the case of Apple and FBI wherein Apple insists on data privacy to protect its users while FBI asks for access to their technology to be able to track down a shooter responsible for killing more than a dozen people. Copyright infringement is also rampant on the internet. Different agencies of the government work together to protect copyright and apprehend violators. In extreme cases, digital media has been a venue for cyberwar between nations or political groups. The internet is not your typical battlefield wherein you can see your opponents. These malicious cyber activities require only a few people and limited resources to start a war. The problem is that it is hard to go after the perpetrators as they could be anywhere around the globe. These examples of crimes and offenses on the internet have shown that they have grown in scope and magnitude. They can affect an individual person or an entire nation. Digital media can be used for good or bad purposes so we must always be vigilant.