The Neighbourhoods Connect project aims to improve the quality of life of older people and reduce the cost of care to public service organisations by supporting older people to live independently in their communities with lowered reliance on public services.

The project will use a blend of social media, online tools and real world interactions.

The Neighbourhoods Connect approach seeks to stimulate informal support of older people through active neighbouring. The project has a particular focus on micro-volunteering, mediated by the community with the support of the local council and Age Concern. The aim is to make it easy for local people to give small slices of time in their neighbourhood when they can, rather than needing to commit to more formal volunteer programmes.

Reciprocity is also a key feature of Neighbourhoods Connect. The project is designed to encourage older people to contribute their skills and experience to their community as well as receiving support.

Key delivery mechanisms for the project are:

  • citizen-led social networks to promote awareness of the issues and support neighbourhood level connections.
  • Neighbour advocates
  • a care network supported by a secure social network website to provide information and support, a space for discussion and a channel for formal and informal support. It will also act as a source of customer influence & customer insight
  • earning credits through Haringey Timebank is an optional element for all participants.

Project partners include, Haringey Adult Services, Haringey Age Concern, Haringey & Enfield PCT (Local GP Collaborative), Networked Neighbourhoods and local community groups.