The London Neighbourhoods Online Unconference 2010, which took place yesterday, is already being heralded as a great success. We’re more than prepared to hear constructive criticism yet, but our first piece of feedback tells us:

venue 10/10
facilities 10/10
accommodation 10/10
“staff” 10/10
material 10/10
drinks 10/10
food 10/10
other attendees 10/10
organisation 10/10
rooms 10/10
atmosphere 10/10
absolutely MEGA, didn’t know what to expect but it was really good…

About 50 participants from London and beyond (eg Dublin), who are running or have an interest in neighbourhood websites, got together to agree and contribute to their own sessions with a little help from ourselves at Networked Neighbourhoods, the London Civic Forum and the Community Development Network London.

We’ll report in a little more detail in due course, but for now the message is that the momentum behind the neighbourhoods online movement is gathering pace: there’s a sense of excitement, positive anticipation, and confidence. There’s also a hugely valuable readiness to share and discover together as we go along. A number of issues, such as standards, legal questions, relations with the police and so on, have been identified and people are beginning to work through them. Those new to setting up and getting started found support and encouragement. Old hands seemed to find new insights.

The event was organised by Neighbourhood Networks in collaboration with Talk About Local, London Civic Forum and the Community Development Network London, and with the support of Ofcom, whose impressive event space was ideal for the purpose.

Some images by Hugh Neal (aka Arthur Pewty), including the one on this post, are here.

Initial thoughts from Sarah Hartley here.