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Neighbourhood websites, Twitter and Facebook: the council view

Our recent survey of local government officers and elected members suggests that they regard neighbourhood websites as the most useful online channel, above others such as Facebook or Twitter. We invited respondents to assess the following as ‘not useful’, ‘fairly useful’, or ‘very useful’ or indicate if they ‘don’t use’: 1. Local residents’ personal Facebook […]

Councils and neighbourhood networks: new survey findings

Local council officers and elected members regard neighbourhood websites as the most useful online channel, above others such as Facebook or Twitter, according to our latest survey results. The level of awareness of these sites has increased significantly over the past year. The survey report suggests an increasing need for council guidance on how to […]

Council officers should be ‘freed up’ to engage with local sites

The democratic potential of community websites has long been heralded, but it won’t happen just by itself. What developments are needed to overcome barriers like digital exclusion, lack of interaction between local councils and residents, or the capture of local sites for narrow interests? This week we collaborated with the Hansard Society and the LGIU […]

Getting the message to council members and officers

One of the challenges that gets us going at Networked Neighbourhoods is persuading council officials and local elected members of the advantages of engaging with local citizen-run online forums. Earlier this year we wrote a detailed chapter for SOCITM’s annual report, Better Connected (subscription needed); and have now published an article in the latest issue […]

Online Neighbourhood Networks for behaviour change

Hot on the heels of the success of Sutton Council’s three year behaviour change programme, Smarter Travel Sutton, Networked Neighbourhoods is to start work with the team on their latest behaviour change project. The London Borough of Sutton’s Smarter Travel Sutton has resulted in a 75% increase in cycling in the borough. Encouraged by this […]

Online councillor of the year

We’re very pleased that Southwark councillor James Barber has won the Local Government Information Unit’s Online Councillor of the Year award – and not just because we nominated him. James’s contribution to a whole range of local issues in his little corner of East Dulwich Forum has been pioneering. When we first came across his […]

Council Officers highlight key issues with local websites

This week we ran a workshop for council officers across London, to explore the issues raised by neighbourhood websites from their point of view. The meeting included short presentations on the three case study sites, Brockley Central, East Dulwich Forum and Harringay Online and some vigorous discussion from the participants. A short account of the […]

Why Government 2.0 “Has Little To Do With Government”

Writing on the Gartner blog network this week, Andrea Di Maio, explained that we need to rethink our perspective on Government 2.0: The problem is that government 2.0 is not about organizations and institutions. It is about the way in which constituents aggregate and socialize knowledge in ways that change their expectations and how they […]

Enabling Digital London

On Wednesday this week the Networked Neighbourhoods team ran an afternoon workshop on behalf of the Capital Ambition team at London Councils. The workshop brought together key figures from London Councils, the GLA, Government Office for London, the Leadership Centre, London boroughs and community development workers around the issue of how London’s burgeoning network of […]