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Social media and housing

I took part in a live panel discussion on social media in housing today, for the Guardian’s housing network. It’s a great way to collect a lot of experience-based knowledge rapidly. There were plenty of interesting reflections on how, in organisations, social technologies clash with hierarchical ways of operating; and some challenges to assumptions about […]

Connected neighbours-to-be

Here’s a little story (with more behind a paywall) from Singapore, reporting online interaction between neighbours-to-be. A handful of the future occupants of a 680-unit development have already met up through a community Facebook group. And they don’t move in until 2014. KevinTweet

Neighbourhood networks on housing estates

For some time we’ve been determined to demonstrate to housing providers the enormous potential of local online channels – from the tenants’ point of view and for the agencies themselves. It makes sense for housing associations to help residents to have online conversations and share information – engaged, informed residents help to keep down unnecessary […]