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Online networks in low income areas

Our report into the viability of local online channels in low income areas has now been published. It describes and reflects on four experimental projects carried out during 2011-2012 in separate localities in England. The basic rationale was to test whether resident-run online neighbourhood networks could be established in low income neighbourhoods and if they […]

Awards for Community Online

It’s great to see recognition, in the form of two recent awards, for Community Online, the service which covers the ‘three villages’ of Gobowen, St Martin’s and Weston Rhyn villages in Shropshire. We started work there with residents about a year ago as part of our project with the Big Lottery Fund. After a hesitant […]

Stimulating digital conversations in low income areas: lessons from Local 2.0 and e-democracy.org

Our 2010 research study, along with plenty of anecdotal evidence, has helped build up a convincing argument for investment in neighbourhood online networks. We argue that investment and intervention may be especially needed in low income areas because of the potential for power imbalances to become exaggerated. People who are accustomed to power and influence […]

Big Local: 50 new areas announced

Today saw the announcement of the next wave of 50 Big Local areas in England, along with a celebratory event with the Big Lottery Fund and the local project which is already underway in South Bermondsey, London. Big Local is arguably the best approach ever to a national community development programme because it empowers local […]

Littlemoor Live: a new local site gets a little national attention

Littlemoor is an estate on the outskirts of Weymouth. It is one of the Big Local areas with Big Lottery funding, where residents have received support from Networked Neighbourhoods in developing a local website, Littlemoor Live, which was set up earlier this year. The site admin is Tammie Barnes. Tammie was recently asked to speak […]

Neighbourhood networks on housing estates

For some time we’ve been determined to demonstrate to housing providers the enormous potential of local online channels – from the tenants’ point of view and for the agencies themselves. It makes sense for housing associations to help residents to have online conversations and share information – engaged, informed residents help to keep down unnecessary […]

Neighbourhood networks for the Big Lottery’s Big Local projects

Networked Neighbourhoods is about to start work in three localities for the Big Local Trust. The Trust (which is currently in the process of becoming legally established) has an endowment of £200 million to be invested in up to 150 neighbourhoods over the next ten years. These are areas of relative need that tend to […]