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Riot-hit neighbourhoods: what role for local online?

Many Londoners have suffered in the past few days as rioting and widespread looting spread from Tottenham to other areas including Brixton, Enfield, Croydon and Ealing. Traffic to the local social network Harringay Online increased significantly on the first day, along with related activity captured on HOL’s Twitter stream. The site’s core geographical scope does […]

Getting the message to council members and officers

One of the challenges that gets us going at Networked Neighbourhoods is persuading council officials and local elected members of the advantages of engaging with local citizen-run online forums. Earlier this year we wrote a detailed chapter for SOCITM’s annual report, Better Connected (subscription needed); and have now published an article in the latest issue […]

Neighbourhood networks on housing estates

For some time we’ve been determined to demonstrate to housing providers the enormous potential of local online channels – from the tenants’ point of view and for the agencies themselves. It makes sense for housing associations to help residents to have online conversations and share information – engaged, informed residents help to keep down unnecessary […]

Local online networks support co-production

One of the strong messages from our research into neighbourhood networks (especially in this section) was that they help residents to co-produce the quality of their local environment. Where a local site encourages open interest in local issues, people are likely to get involved in action that might previously have been seen solely as the […]

Online Neighbourhood Networks for behaviour change

Hot on the heels of the success of Sutton Council’s three year behaviour change programme, Smarter Travel Sutton, Networked Neighbourhoods is to start work with the team on their latest behaviour change project. The London Borough of Sutton’s Smarter Travel Sutton has resulted in a 75% increase in cycling in the borough. Encouraged by this […]

Neighbourhood networks for the Big Lottery’s Big Local projects

Networked Neighbourhoods is about to start work in three localities for the Big Local Trust. The Trust (which is currently in the process of becoming legally established) has an endowment of £200 million to be invested in up to 150 neighbourhoods over the next ten years. These are areas of relative need that tend to […]

A few words from authorities

A number of reassuring and generous comments about the Online neighbourhood networks study have reached us since it was published back in December. In addition to those we mentioned at the time,  here are two which mean a great deal to us, because they come from inspirational figures, either side of the Atlantic, both of […]

Building up the research evidence

Chamberlain Forum have just published a short study of ‘hyperlocal’ websites, using case study examples from the West Midlands. The authors note that ‘these sites can make it easier for residents and public services to share information and work together to decide what should be done and how to do it. In coproduction jargon, they […]

Online councillor of the year

We’re very pleased that Southwark councillor James Barber has won the Local Government Information Unit’s Online Councillor of the Year award – and not just because we nominated him. James’s contribution to a whole range of local issues in his little corner of East Dulwich Forum has been pioneering. When we first came across his […]

ʻDoes William Rose make faggots?ʼ Neighbourhoods seen through online timeslices

As part of the research for the Online neighbourhood networks study published a few weeks ago, we set out to assess the diversity of content of the case study sites (Brockley Central, East Dulwich Forum and Harringay Online). We established three ‘timeslices’ – different six hours periods on separate weekdays during the research period – […]