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Online networks in low income areas

Our report into the viability of local online channels in low income areas has now been published. It describes and reflects on four experimental projects carried out during 2011-2012 in separate localities in England. The basic rationale was to test whether resident-run online neighbourhood networks could be established in low income neighbourhoods and if they […]

Networked Neighbourhoods: autumn update

The future of the high street Hugh Flouch was invited to speak at an RIBA Building Futures debate recently, for the inevitably doomed but thought-provoking motion ‘This house believes that the future of the high street is online’. Within the traditional spirit of debating, Hugh managed to put across a sense of genuine regret at […]

Awards for Community Online

It’s great to see recognition, in the form of two recent awards, for Community Online, the service which covers the ‘three villages’ of Gobowen, St Martin’s and Weston Rhyn villages in Shropshire. We started work there with residents about a year ago as part of our project with the Big Lottery Fund. After a hesitant […]

Here and now: UK hyperlocal media today

How important is the ‘hyperlocal’ sector, what does it cover, and what are its prospects for sustained development? Will hyperlocal resources really fulfil their promise and bring about distinctive social change by weakening the centrifugal forces of contemporary politics? To help us begin finding some answers, here is a ‘landscape’ paper prepared by Damian Radcliffe, […]

What can local websites offer the BBC and other public service providers?

Networked Neighbourhoods has been working with the BBC to test the potential contribution of an alliance of London neighbourhood sites, using the forthcoming digital switchover as a catalyst. With representatives from a number of London local networks and heritage media groups, gathered in the council chamber at Broadcasting House yesterday, we explored the ways in […]

Big Local: 50 new areas announced

Today saw the announcement of the next wave of 50 Big Local areas in England, along with a celebratory event with the Big Lottery Fund and the local project which is already underway in South Bermondsey, London. Big Local is arguably the best approach ever to a national community development programme because it empowers local […]

Neighbourhood websites, Twitter and Facebook: the council view

Our recent survey of local government officers and elected members suggests that they regard neighbourhood websites as the most useful online channel, above others such as Facebook or Twitter. We invited respondents to assess the following as ‘not useful’, ‘fairly useful’, or ‘very useful’ or indicate if they ‘don’t use’: 1. Local residents’ personal Facebook […]

Council officers should be ‘freed up’ to engage with local sites

The democratic potential of community websites has long been heralded, but it won’t happen just by itself. What developments are needed to overcome barriers like digital exclusion, lack of interaction between local councils and residents, or the capture of local sites for narrow interests? This week we collaborated with the Hansard Society and the LGIU […]

Online sources of local information

Almost two thirds of American adults use at least three different types of media every week to get news and information about their local community, according to the latest report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project. Fifteen per cent of them rely on at least six different kinds of media weekly. Broadcast sources […]

Event: Online Neighbourhood Networks: effective localism or narrow insularity?

Wednesday 19 October, 18.30 – 20.00 Thatcher Room, Portculis house, Westminster Networked Neighbourhoods are running this event in Parliament with LGiU and the Hansard Society on Wednesday 19th October. We will be exploring the ‘relocalisation’ of the web and debating whether online neighbourhood networks (hyperlocal and community websites) are a vital democratic tool or whether […]