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Naming networks and shaming neighbours

The BBC and the Guardian both published articles yesterday about the various ways people communicate with their neighbours through the naming of their wifi networks. Apparently ‘We can hear you having sex’ appears with a degree of regularity across Britain and Ireland: “My favourite a few years ago was ‘StopHavingSoMuchSex’,” notes K_Alva on Reddit of […]

Social media, weak ties and social divisions

The Beeb has a piece this morning which features Danah Boyd suggesting that social media use is not stimulating diversity of ties. It’s not clear whether or not her comments are based on research, but the claim seems to be that web 2.0 brought about a shift whereby people went online ‘to be with people […]

What kind of online neighbour are you?

Here’s a slightly tongue-in-cheek US article suggesting the stereotypes you might find on a neighbourhood site – ‘the wonders and weirdos on your email group’. They include: The loose cannon The armchair urban planner The neighborhood patrol nut, and The entitled pet owner. Among the additions in the comments section, recognition is given to ‘Local […]

Global game highlights potential of the open web for government

  A social media game to be run in five cities across the world on 31st March is highlighting the potential for government agencies to use open social media to disseminate information and gather feedback from citizens. I’ve long been a champion of the potential of local websites to act as channels for local, regional […]

On the need to re-engineer local communication channels

General surveys and commentaries on the quality of local life generally, and neighbourliness specifically, are seldom optimistic. Our media and politicians relish rehearsing the details of rampant anti-social behaviour and stories of neighbours from hell, while celebrating the sepia-tinted days when everyone knew each others’ names and went in and out of each others’ homes. […]

Littlemoor Live: a new local site gets a little national attention

Littlemoor is an estate on the outskirts of Weymouth. It is one of the Big Local areas with Big Lottery funding, where residents have received support from Networked Neighbourhoods in developing a local website, Littlemoor Live, which was set up earlier this year. The site admin is Tammie Barnes. Tammie was recently asked to speak […]

BBC’s citizen journalism app: opportunity for local news?

              Interesting to read the news yesterday that the BBC is planning to launch a citizen journalism app. They’ve clearly wised up to the benefits of contributions by the many. According to the European Journalism Centre, “Theoretically, the ‘news gatherer app’ will be able to feed user-generated content into the BBC’s content-management system, which […]